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Required tools:
1. Join Read.Cash it is free.

2. Verify your e-mail and you're in. You can now earn Bitcoin Cash for free just by posting & commenting on the platform.

You earn points for every action on the platform. You can read articles, upvote posts, leave comments, create articles or short posts and earn a lot of points.
Points transform in Bitcoin Cash Every 24 Hours.

You can withdraw your Bitcoin Cash earned everytime you want. 

Remember Bitcoin Cash can be sold anytime on multiple exchanges.Once you join, engage with other members, leave comments and you will start making money. Good luck.

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More about BITCOIN CASH is a platform where you can publish content (articles with images and videos) and earn Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (ticker: BCH) for doing so. If a reader likes your content - he or she can upvote your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your online wallet. After you sign up we will automatically create a Bitcoin Cash wallet that will exist just in your browser. No need to download or install anything.

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