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RESHPOOL (RSP) is airdropping RSP token for first 20000 participants (10,000 RSP each for completed all tasks),Also earn 1500 RSP for each referral that completed all tasks (manually reffering friends with telegram username).

Telegram referral (who invite you)
add @jwolfearner
(for extratokens)

They accept only real participants, so please, complete the following tasks and information below.

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More about Reshpool Airdrop

RESHPOOL is a sharing economy based computing resource sharing platform. Users can share the unused idle computing resources for rewards, and RESHPOOL offer a variety of business models such as P2P, B2C, and B2BC, including individual sharing of idle computing resources from enterprises and institutions through a hybrid business model. All areas where idle computing power resources occur, such as companies, institutions, classes, schools, and individuals, can participate in the RESHPOOL Network to rent idle computing resources. RESHPOOL collects, manages the idle resources, and rents them to users who need them, and automatically handles payments according to the resources and time used through blockchain-based distributed records and smart contracts.

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