Earn from Ad Rewards on Webtalk

Jun 3, 2020

Webtalk members can earn free money with Webtalk’s cash rewards program that pays real cash monthly for engagement, content sharing, and referrals. 

The cash rewards program that is being given away to Webtalk members is possible through the Ad Rewards Pool wherein the company throws in 50% of their revenue from advertisements. 

Ad Rewards Pool is just a “free money” for members who particularly uses the platform regularly like they already normally do on any other social networking platforms today just like Facebook or Youtube.

On Webtalk, a user can sign up for free and automatically is eligible for a 10% revenue share for life. Here is how you earn points in the Ad Pool Rewards:

First you need to sign up for your free account on Webtalk here.

Now on Webtalk, there are 3 ways to earn points in the Ad Pool Rewards:

1. Engagement Points

Points are earned on what you do on other people’s posts & when someone looks at your profile.
Earn 1 point for each activity:

- Like someone’s post;
- Comment on someone’s post;
- Share someone’s post;
- Someone looks at your profile.

You can earn up to 100 Engagement Points per day or 3100 Engagement Points per month.

2. Influencer Points

Points are earned on what people do on YOUR posts:
- 10 points for each Like;
- 20 points for each Comment;
- 30 points for each Share.

There is no limit on how many Influencer Points you can earn per day. Average is around 100K per day.

3. Referral Matching Points

You earn the same number of points that every person who signed up with your link earns.

If you have unlocked the 5 bonus levels by being a PRO member, you earn matching points on all 5 levels. The people you refer to become members of Webtalk are your 1st Level of referrals, their referrals are your 2nd, and their’s are your 3rd, and so on up to 5 Levels of referrals.

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